Friday 26 December 2014

Festive fun

And how did you spend your Christmas morning? Why trying to identify this fungus since you ask. And did you succeed in your mycological quest? Erm, no. The best I can come up with is that it's a bracket fungi (well, d'oh!) possibly an Alder Bracket though, as all the guides say, identification is tricky.  These guys are sprouting out of that dead chestnut tree I posted a while back on the 'decay' theme day .

Here they are with a bit of colour.

The weekend in black and white should be here if it hasn't been consumed by all the seasonal goings-on.


  1. I'm afraid I know nothing about fungi, but I love the textures of the wood. Seems like a well-spent morning.

  2. My mycology knowledge doesn't cover this particular fungi, but it does make for a fine b&w image.

  3. The textures of fungi are fascinating. You capture them beautifully.

  4. Now that fungi is an interesting shape, beautifully framed by the wood textures.

  5. Great textures and shapes