Saturday 25 July 2015

Saturday's Post

You know those sisyphean tasks that this town gets itself into, bridges that take years to build, piers that are never mended, roads that will never be upgraded, derelict buildings that defy both the Council and gravity; the list goes on and on. Well now that silt you can see in the background, well there's now a plan to shift it and all the other sediments from all the way up to Beverley, some eight or nine miles away, out into the Humber to aid river flow. What's that the poet says about a man's reach ...?

The monochrome fun goes on at the weekend in black and white here.


  1. A fine post - in both senses! I love the different textures to be enjoyed when your photo is enlarged.

  2. Nice photo, great textures in the cracked sand/ground.

  3. Won't all the silt just come back when the tide comes in?

    1. Well I would have thought so but this plan comes from the Hull River Advisory Board so they must know something we mere mortals are not privy to.

  4. Inevitably it'll backfire in some way