Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Amor Fati

I like it when I can agree whole heartedly with this wayside pulpit on the Baptist Church, Cottingham Road. Usually they are just plain old fashion bunkum along the lines of "If God is your co-pilot change seats" that kind of religious twaddle. But here the message is clear and true, some things have to be believed to be seen, further, everything has to be believed to be seen. Even Science believes in the validity of sense data and the regularity of nature before it starts with its experimenting. But this is just Philosophy 101.
Some things, however, once seen are quite unbelievable. 
Take for example, the Vaccine ... soon to be rolled out and pushed into the welcoming arms of the nation. I have seen the claims made for it, I do not for one minute believe a word. Oh the company has legal immunity should it start killing, maiming or doing what rushed and untested medicines do.
Or the Virus, I have read loads of evidence, studied the procedures, looked at the "cases", the "deaths" and still I do not believe.
Or Face Nappies ...
Or Lock downs ...
Or Social Distancing ...
Or Track and Trace ... this evil device rings you up and tells you your phone has come close to another phone with the lurgy (Turn off Bluetooth! ) and so you must isolate for a fortnight, so you cancel all appointments that have taken months to arrange due the Stupidity, close your business, prepare for hard times ... only two days later Track and Trace ring to say it was all a mistake ... this is a true story. Un-f*******-believable!
Or protecting the NHS ... let me tell a harrowing tale I heard yesterday from a friend of a friend whose mother-in-law died of undiagnosed cancer week or so ago. Undiagnosed because face-to-face GP visits only happen after telephone triage and this old lady somehow failed to get through the system. Her breast cancer spread up to her shoulder and neck ... anybody out there who has read Cancer Ward by Solzhenitsyn (it's not for the faint hearted) will  know what I talking about ... Just last week I had to go through several impassible hoops to see the GP mano a mano, first I ring up, no chance of even a phone triage appointment this week, hmmph so I lay on the agony and say the magic words "official complaint" and they go off to see what they can do, meanwhile I ring the NHS Healthline (I think there were ten binary choices mostly C-19 related before I spoke to a person) and they listened and say I should see a Doc ASAP (Hah! they, however, can email the surgery with this advice) ... a while later I get a call, the Doc will call me , he does, he listens, he fixes an appointment for that very evening and the process of getting a diagnosis was started ... we all know the long term prognosis, it's just a matter of time (Tic-Toc). You can see how frail old ladies who do not know how to push and  lever the system, indeed have never needed to, will just simply die by the wayside. They probably are thinking they can just turn up at the surgery and wait as in the bad old days ... Meanwhile, I do not know anyone who has died of or with, alongside or even in the same room as Covid-19 and only know of one person who has managed to test positive with the False RT-PCR test. (His verdict is that he thought it was a bad cold and was not at all bothered about it, so why get tested? but see below about People ). This huge leap backward is going on all across the country. Unbelievable in this day and age ... but at least the NHS is being protected, Gawd bless it!
Or anything any politician says ... weasel words we expect, a year of mendacity and manipulation, illegal, illiberal seizures of our liberties deserve the attentions of a "national razor". So today (December 2) we leave a notional national lockdown (honestly has anybody paid it any attention?) to go into a Tiers system, (cue cries of "it will all end in tiers" and so on). They just changed the locks on the prison doors. We are to be in the top tier 3 based on Hull and Hereabouts having the highest "case" rate in the country (somebody has to) back in the middle of November. It matters not that now the "rate" has fallen by 40%, no that "fall" will count as the "tiers" working ... 
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates à la lanterne!
Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira
les aristocrates on les pendra!

Now where was I? Oh yes, people ...
Or people in general ... they are unbelievably gullible (I was going to say thick, yeah OK, thick will do it, stupid ...)  and victims of their own gullibility. They have the Faith, they believe in the Virus, they believe in the Test. They cry out for the Vaccine (so we are told), they believe all the precautions are vital, they demand all this and beg for more... and they will not be shaken from it.  Folk ("Wackos") like me are a threat to them somehow, we anger them because we do not share their fear. Never trust the People.
Or the Police ... no-one with an ounce of self-preservation would ever believe anything the police say. They  are too busy with fads to police the Law, allowing some demos not others, arbitrarily arresting people, illegally detaining people on their way to a demo (this seemed to shock youngsters but they would not recall the Miners' Strike back in the 80s when this was common practice) the usual garbage we come to expect from the boys in blue, at least they do not have guns or they'd shoot themselves.  Indeed, many do not even know what the Law is at present (indeed, who does?).
But now I'm rambling on and becoming like a silly old man shaking his fist at the sky ... but I've been away a while and I ain't coming back anytime soon, so ...
Or Global Warming ... 
Or Net Zero ...
Or the EU ...
Or China on the UNHRC ...(satire is long dead)
Or Biden won cleanly, fairly and legally ... it seems the wheel's still in spin on this one. I likes me a nice dirty, corrupt election, so I do. It shows where the powers really lie and clearly it's not with the electorate. But this is not my problem, so I don't care, no, really.
Or BLM ... yeah, right.
Or Antifa lalalala ... likewise.
Or Transphobia ... "people who menstruate", I mean really, come on?
Or MSM (Defund the BBC!) ...
Or adverts for coffee ... or any adverts, of course, but coffee adverts are the pits.
Or ridiculous blogs like this ... enough, let's have done with it, why keep dragging on with rubbish?
But fairies at the bottom of the garden are quite cute ...

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

“Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.”


I admit I haven't been paying attention to the news, the local news, any news, or Twitter or such like for a week or so, so when I wandered across to the local rag's site and was informed that this town had the highest number of "cases" in the country ... "by along way" was the sub-headline... my reaction was not one of great despond but more "Gosh and golly the old city of culture finally caught up with the nonsense that has been going on around parts of the world". This backwater has always lagged behind fashions by a year or so so this was pretty quick catching up, also the somewhat cynical thought passed through my mind that maybe there's Government money to be had from being so infected... "Oh save us and forgive us, Fat Controller, for we have sinned!"

Still, I wonder, how do they know this fascinating snippet? Why by testing, dear boy. 

But where are folk being tested? In places like this on Inglemire Lane, do try to keep up... 

So with so many new "cases", and new "cases" being but a small percentage of those tested, there must be lots and lots of folk being tested, then?

So how come, there is never anybody either going in or coming out of this place when I go past? Erm, no comment ...

I ask only to be informed.

You think I'm making this up, that I have some agenda ... frankly I don't give a damn, it's your game and I am most definitely not playing.

Government figures are for, I think, half a million tests per day, and I read this comes out at 150 tests per hour per testing station assuming a twelve hour working day, over two a minute... it's just not happening here or at many other testing stations. 

There has always been a Big Lie at the heart of this year's stupidity and it spawns smaller lies along the way to keep it afloat.

Oh then I read there are plans for "mass testing" of the stupid folk of Hull (what was the testing before then? ) anyhow this is with a brand new test, quicker and easier, and can be (and probably will be) administered by a squaddy on his day off ... the reward for going through this is 14 days house arrest if you get a "positive" result. So why would anyone with any sense put themselves through this? It's madness.  

Did I mention that we are supposed to be under yet another lockdown, the first having worked so well a second was the obvious choice ... naturally I am ignoring it, this time many others seems to be doing likewise. It's supposed to end December 2 but you watch it will be back next year, complete with new models of new plagues and the hope of a vaccine for the totally insane...

Anyhow the whole thing is boring and as someone once said even Gods struggle in vain against boredom.

.... and I seem to have forgotten that wise maxim of never believe anything you read in the papers... catch you later... possibly much later.

Friday, 6 November 2020

A penny for the Old Guy


In November 1605 a plot to blow up Parliament and the king was thwarted due to the incompetence of the conspirators, betrayal and plain bad luck. Anyhow the guys involved were not champions of individual freedom and liberty, far from it, they wanted to restore the Catholic Church, domination by mainland Europe (France or Spain, I forget which but it matters little at this distance), Popery and all that crap. If it sounds familiar well maybe there are only so many stories in the world and indeed the EU is uncannily like the Holy Roman Empire and it took Napoleon to end that farce. Anyhow every year, in England, celebrations mark the narrow escape from Papish rule with bonfires and fireworks, but things ain't what they used to be ...

Up until around the turn of the century all of October would resound to fireworks going off, bangers and rockets. I recall in the 60s and 70s kids would make Guys, life size dolls in  the costume of Guy Fawkes, stuffed with paper and go begging for a "Penny for the Guy" in order to buy fireworks. The Guy would end up on a garden bonfire, it was all very pagan. I haven't seen a Guy for so long I've forgotten when it was. Now as for fireworks, you were I think, supposed to be sixteen to buy them, but we all knew shops, little shops, like the one above, where the mister would sell you a packet of bangers or jumping jacks for a bob, no questions asked. Then, well then along came the Great Interference, the we know better than you brigade, the soi-dissant "caring" children-shouldn't-be-out-enjoying-themselves-they-might-get-hurt-battalions, smothered all of this in a suffocating blanket of puritanical cant ... ironically these neo-puritans killed off the very celebrations of their escape from Catholic conformity. 

It was the Blair years that led to the rise of these busy-bodying nosey-parkers that has led inexorably to the present farce-fascism of locking us all up for our own good. All done, as I indicated, under the ruse of health measures, so no smoking in pubs (killed off the pubs), banning the sale of strong beers (affected small off-licences and shops), a sugar tax on fizzy drinks pushed vile artificial sweeteners onto the poor and as somebody said only fat people drink diet coke. I won't go on about the same mindset that "cares" about the "climate" and wants to tax meat and make us all to eat nuts and raisins and grass and I mention only in passing that wonder of wonders, straight out of the Inquisition ... the "hate crime" ... I cannot, in the space allowed, pour enough contempt upon these manipulative, mendacious, maliciously evil, yes, evil, people. If you are one of them or have fallen for this switched morality where everything weak is praised and all that was good is now evil, I despise you with a passion. You negate life, you would drag us down because you are in decline, you are the opposite of human, you are death.

Lockdown v2.0 will kill off what is left of our pubs and take with it many cafés and restaurants and small businesses in their money-making run up to Christmas, only the big supermarkets and the online traders will be left ... that seems to be the plan, if, indeed, there is a plan. England has been deliberately dulled, made utterly compliant (where is the nascent populism of the Brexit years? that, too, may be part of the plan all along, to kill populism in Europe and the US ... it was never about a poxy virus, ever!) so much so that one almost wishes for a modern day Guido to succeed and bring back Popery, incense, idolatry and jumping-jacks ...

Thursday, 5 November 2020

The Class of 2020

This year's graduates are the usual noisy, raucous bunch, with no manners or respect for their elders.

This one graduated with first class honours.

Herring gulls take four years to sexually mature and become completely white on the head so this one is probably a three year old and still has a lot to learn. The oldest recorded herring gull was forty nine years old.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

"Dewey defeats Trum ..."

It seems that there is another quarrel in a far away country, between people of whom we know nothing. Folk out there are in a tizzy over whether to paint the ends of their eggs blue or to paint them red. Quite why this should interest the Mainstream Manipulators in this country so much I cannot imagine since our paintbrushes don't reach that far, indeed those guys have stolen our paint (and our eggs). But nevertheless there is a morbid fascination in seeing which dead or dying horse will pass the line first; my money, for what it's worth, is on the red though the prize seems increasingly small.

The picture was taken by Margot K Juby and then ruined by me.

Tuesday, 3 November 2020

In the beginning was nonsense...

Atlas must have been a pretty dull fellow, sent off, as he was, by Zeus, to the end of the world to keep the Heavens aloft forever. Did it not occur to him to ask how did the Heavens manage before he came along? I wonder if, after a few eternities, he thought: "What happens if I take one hand off, or both, ...hey up the sky's not falling, D'oh ... Oi Zeus you bastard!" ... but by then Zeus was dead, like all the gods, probably died laughing thinking of poor old Atlas Telamon. Eternal Atlas is now reduced to being a hotel sign holding not the celestial bodies but a battered globe on a windy corner of a small Norfolk town.

I've posted this little Titan before but the myths are always worth revisiting, as this delight is worth a new coat of paint and some tlc and maybe a tea break.