Monday, 30 April 2018

Fritillaria imperialis

Or Crown Imperial Fritillary ... it's a native of Turkey, western Iran and Kashmir so I'm told. It doesn't seem to mind the grounds of Hull University that much.

Margot took this little beauty.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Oblique Cut Through

The walls of this old outhouse run not at right angles to the street it's on but to the road behind giving an odd effect. This is Duesberry Street, not the sort place an innocent visitor to Hull would or should wander down by choice; it once led to a railway line that's now a foot/cyclepath. It's a short cut through to Beverley Road from Princes Avenue, the  haunt of ne'er-do-wells and worse much like this blog which has been cutting through stuff at odd angles on and off for eight years now.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Thirst quencher

It's been a bit of dry spell for this blog;  here's a little something to be going on with. It seems the new fashion is to disparage plastic bottles and the lovely sugary confections that they contain. Folk are having their colas, fruit drinks and lemonades taxed or replaced with vile artificially sweetened substitutes (all for their own good you understand, adult choice having been outsourced to  HMRC) and being led by the nose (and other sensitive parts) to drink water from their recycled plastic bottles. So in keeping with this nagging and nannying the local water company have splashed out on this fountain on King Edward Street and a couple of other places. Of course it cannot just be a simple drinking fountain it has to be an oasis with attendant sculptures (I believe that was the word used). It all brings to my mind a saying of my long departed mother: " Water only made one man and the wind blew him over" ...

Sunday, 1 April 2018

.... a long seat for several people, typically made of wood or stone

... otherwise known as a bench. This was taken last March when the new benches in Queen Victoria Square were all shades of yellowy-red through brown now they're a uniform silver-grey. Comfortable benches, good for sitting and whiling away the day.

The April Fool's theme for City Daily Photo is 'One Colour'.