Monday, 19 July 2010

Now for something toadally different

They have arrived! Forty glass fibre, gaudy painted toads. At points throughout the city and even beyond these things have been deposited to amusement and bemusement. Opinion is divided between welcoming them as a bit of lively fun and seeing them a total waste of time, money and effort.
They are part of the Larkin25 todo that I mentioned some time back. Inspired by the poems Toad and Toad Revisited, they manage to make physical what is only a metaphor and in so doing illustrate the stupidity of public relations stunts. Philip Larkin used toads as an image of the drudgery of work; fitting then that one of these noxious things should be placed outside the local Jobcentre.


  1. I rather think they're all right!

  2. Anything goes, surely, to make more people aware of your superstar Phil. I like it!

  3. Initially they wanted the poor taxpayer to pay for the toads, now they're sponsored by businesses. I don't think they'll last ten weeks, they are already a popular plaything for toddlers & vandals.