Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hull History Centre

I showed you the other end of this building a few weeks back and frankly I hadn't given the place much thought 'til I took a little walk around the area and stumbled across this opportunity for a reflection shot. The building stands in a small garden and the trees are turning a delicious golden hue.
There's also a big yellow toad but you can see that here

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  1. I don't think many local people take enough interest in their city's history and that includes me until a few years ago. Admittedly work was more of a preoccupation then but as I have done less of it so I have had more time to open my eyes and take a look around at things I have missed.

    This centre is a relatively new place but things like the Old Grammar School, Streetlife and of course Wilberforce House have been around for years along with many other places and one of the brightest stars at the moment is Ferens Art Gallery.

    With their Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition along with the Andy Warhol pieces Ferens had become a very attractive must see place for lovers of Art and now I hear they have purchased another masterpiece of which I have yet to see.