Friday, 3 December 2010


There's over 15 inches/38 centimetres of snow in my  drive way, the roads and footpaths are a mess. Public transport has halted. So I'm not going far. This delightful snowman was just across the road so it was no problem to photograph it.


  1. A very handsome, well made snowman! I have 2 snow people coming up on my CDP blog on Saturday!

  2. Pretty bad here - main roads moving and buses running but pavements untouched and town centre streets are a mass of slush - I managed to get some shopping done so am stocked up into next week. Did you hear about the woman who phoned 999 after someone stole her snowman?

  3. Lots of snow hereabouts in my bit of Yorkshire Leeds/Bradford, have yet to come across any over around a foot though. Odd though the buses were more reliable than the the railway. Went into Leeds a couple of times by bus this last week, something I never do, either train or car.
    I saw the story of 999 can you get my snowman back, you cannot make them up!