Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stained Glass

Leif Hagen asked for a peek inside Beverley Minster but as I don't have any shots from there this will have to do. Last year I posted some shots from inside the local church. Here are some more. If I've got my iconography right the top one is Mary and Jesus; the lower one is Elizabeth and John the Baptist, but I may well be wrong about this.


  1. Nothing beats a stained-glass scene and these are beauties. The contrast is so striking.

    We like to offer something spiritual on the weekends too.

  2. Thanks for the two stained glass windows, Billy! You made my day! Yes, I think you have the two windows correctly labeled!

  3. They certainly are nice. I nearly went of Beverley back end of the summer, got an invite by BBC press woman to the Antiques Roadshow being filmed there but could not make it. Paul @ Leeds daily photo