Sunday, 27 March 2011

Resident Woodpigeon

Today the clocks have been pushed forward an hour for reasons that I cannot fathom; why are they continuing with this wartime measure? There are strange people who say we should not only have BST (GMT+1) in Winter (!) but have double BST(GMT+2) in Summer(!!). This would, they say, "bring us into line with Europe"! Crazy, since the Europeans also put their clocks forward. It's some kind of vanity that they can have more hours of daylight by fiddling with the clock.
It is also Census day in the UK so I'd better fill out the form lest the interfering prodnoses come round and threaten me with a £1000 fine and a criminal record...
Enough, here's a woodpigeon on my garden wall, now shall I list it in the census...?

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