Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Taking Liberties

Here's what's left of Pearson Park gates. They were put up in the 1860s when carriages had a horse or two in front of them and well-to-do folks lived in those town houses that line the approach. Now the horses and the money have gone.What you see here are the skeletal remains of a fine set of Victorian iron gates that once had fancy decorations on top and actual gates (see here). The gates went in the last war I'm guessing and the fancy decoration was rmoved by Hull council in a fit of health & safety vandalism and stupidity sometime in the 70s.

Now for a totally separate issue. It has come to my notice that the domain directrss.co.il is using the RSS feed from this site and probably from other blogs to make virtually a direct copy only with their advertising. I don't mind people "borrowing" a picture or two but to copy the whole blog is taking liberties. I have reported these offenders to Blogger. If anyone finds their site has been used likewise I suggest they report the matter as well. The following message is for the owners of directrss.co.il.

אתר זה מוגן בזכויות יוצרים ואתה הפרת זכויות היוצרים שלי.  

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