Tuesday, 3 January 2012


This is the back of what used to be part of the University of Lincoln. I showed you the front sometime back (here)
If you want a potted history of how come the Univeristy of Lincoln came to be in Hull read on.
It started out as Hull College of Education and various other educational establishments in Hull. With the passage of time this became Humberside College of Higher Education with colleges in Grimsby as well. Then, not wishing to remain a mere college, it became Humberside Polytechnic. In came a change of government and all polytechnics were now to be called universities, so Humberside University it became. The city of Lincoln was without its own university, so the University of Humberside was approached to develop a new campus to the south west of the city centre. The University of  Lincolnshire and Humberside emerged from this. Now a strange thing happened, gradually the business tranferred to Lincoln, bit by bit, courses and departments shifted south of the river; it was called consolidation. And the name changed once again, to the University of Lincoln (hmmm). The last I heard this building is no longer part of the university and just about all buildings in Hull relating to the university have been sold off. 

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  1. Crikey! You couldn't make up a tale like that ;o)