Sunday, 25 March 2012

Margaret Moxon Way

Here is the crossing from the bus station to the shopping centre. Some of the good people of Hull like to play a game of chicken with the buses entering and leaving the station off to the right of this picture.
I post this because the other day I was idly browsing through Hull in the virtual world that is Google Earth when I came across Margaret Moxon Way. I'd never heard of it. Turns out when the new bus/rail station was built those who decide these things also changed the name of the road; they'd had a competition to come up with a suitable name and apparently Maggie Moxon got the nod. I had to use a well known search engine to find out just who this lady was; a missionary to Sierra Leone and New Zealand no less. So now you know more than the local paper as it still reports the frequent accidents at this crossing as happening on Collier Street.


  1. i too came across this by accident (checking out road closures, for a reason I must add !) and wondered who she was, thanks for the info

    Bob Southcoat, Grimsby

  2. I've searched Google for exactly the same reason and found this blog explaining it. Bizarre

  3. i also wondered who this lady was as my late mothers name was Margaret Moxon but with no connections to Hull.

  4. Margeret Moxon an evangelical/christian missionary who thought salvation came through education and another of Hull's "interesting" connections with Sierra Leone, first the missionaries then the capitalists. The Moxons have lived in Hull for 400 years