Friday, 21 December 2012

The things people get up to ...

I know you all think of Hull as a place of wonder and amazement and I do nothing to dispel you from that notion but today unfortunately I have to show you a less salubrious side of this magnificent city. Here on George Street is a lap dancing club that goes by the name of Fantasy. Now purely for research purposes, you  understand, I have looked this place up on the internet and it appears to operate on the principle of a fool and his money soon being parted.


  1. Looks an old building with the carvings on the pillars. . What did it used to be in its glory days?

    1. You're right, Christopher it was a grand old building. Carmichael's department store, the self-styled Harrods of the north!

  2. I hope we're not actually seeing in the windows...

    And you're right, I think of Hull as a place of wonder and amazement.