Thursday, 7 March 2013

Right Bleeding Shambles

With losses of over£5 billion this 'financial institution' still managed to pay out 'bonuses' of over £600 million. The capo di tutti capi at the Bank of England has called for it to be cut into little pieces and thrown to the wolves saying in effect that four years of public mollycoddling have had no noticeable effect on this criminal enterprise. Today I note that their ATMs have failed again ...
The dog tied up outside this Silver Street branch had the loudest howl of any dog I've heard. I'd howl if I was a customer of this place.


  1. I have an account here for my (far too infrequent now) trips overseas. I have instructed my family to take out my money and keep it under their mattress for my next visit!

  2. Poor pooch.

    There's a movement afoot to penalize and imprison the perpetrators over here. I'm all in favor of it.

    1. Good luck with that. Somehow I think the Augean stables of the City of London need to be cleansed before anywhere else.

    2. And of course I think it's the fault of the American banks.

      They were in cahoots, surely.

    3. Surely the cahoots were never more crowded. However the City of London is the place with the laxest regulations it makes Wall Street look like a monastery.