Sunday, 20 October 2013

A Coast To Boast About

Bridlington's South Beach is one of its main tourist attractions and keeping it clean is a big headache. Seems when there's been heavy rain the bathing water and the beach get contaminated from the nearby Gypsey Race and no-body likes bathing in dirty water. Mind you I can't recall seeing that many people bathing in the bracing North Sea anyway. So the local water company are installing a new storm drain and pumping station on the South Beach. A kilometer long pipe (floated over from Norway!) is being installed. Currently the whole place looks a mess but there's a big poster showing what it will be like when finished. We'll hardly know it's there and that'll be £40 million well spent. There's a webpage as you'd expect and it's here.

This gives some idea of the scale of the project.

What it should look like when finished in Spring 2014.

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