Sunday, 5 January 2014

A contender for boring photo of the year award?

I know, I know, another blue plaque, so blue, so boring but the story behind it is far from dull ...

Hull's link with the doomed ship Forfarshire is that it left Hull for Dundee a two days before the captain, John Humble, decided to put up the sails after the engines had failed rather than put into port and wait out the North-easterly gale that was to push the ship onto the rocks with much loss of life. It wasn't the first wreck nor yet the last and is only remembered now for the heroic deeds of young Grace Darling who put out to sea in the raging storm rescue some of the stranded folks. Those of you not familiar with the full story may like to visit this excellent site here.

This plaque, put up on the 150th anniversary, is close to the old steam packet wharf from where the fated ship departed. The picture of the paddle steamer Forfarshire below appeared on the local paper's site and is of a painting in the Ferens art gallery.

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  1. Well now, I've just spent (not wasted) several long minutes perusing Grace's website. I think her father should get some credit, too. Poor thing, she didn't like being a public heroine yet couldn't have stopped herself from helping where she could.