Monday, 13 October 2014

Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore ...

I read today that the UK, for its size, has more tornadoes than the US. So, whilst Chanterlands Avenue may not look much like the corn fields of Kansas, Dorothy should still keep a weather eye out for twisters. Why only last August East Hull had one knock down some trees and lift a few roof tiles ...

This flagrant breach of copyright is in a stationers on Chanterlands Avenue. It has for sale mugs, tee shirts and other tchotchkes all with 'Hull' written somewhere on them, it's the place to go for your Hull memorabilia ... no seriously, stop laughing.


  1. I'll be in that shop at the next opportunity to buy my family their Christmas presents. Do they by any chance sell cans containing the odour of the fish docks? "Aroma de La Ville du Hull"? Memories are made of perfume like that.

  2. If only that film didn't have so much singing (ack!), it might be tolerable.