Thursday, 6 November 2014

Les feuilles mortes

One of the downsides of a long avenue of trees is the great fall of leaves at this time of year. If, however, you still have to find the inner adult in yourself then a long path of crispy crunchy golden brown leaves is a joy forever, as you noisily slush you feet through them and kick them gleefully in the air to the obvious alarm of youths who have yet to find the simple pleasures of life.

Now to the tricky question which to prefer: Yves Montand's Les feuilles mortes or Piaf's Autumn Leaves? Personally, I think listening to Piaf sing in English is akin to hearing a cat bark mais à chacun son goût! Now I'm sure I'll get this mournful tune as an earworm, agh!


  1. Beautiful shot!

    I would have to go for a third choice and run with Billie Holiday singing Autumn in New York.

    1. Yes that's another haunting tune I'll have in my head for the next few days. Thanks.

  2. Feuilles mortes gives us the lovely word "filemot"...

  3. Feuilles mortes gives us the lovely word "filemot"...