Friday, 15 April 2016

Blue Violet

What else can an aspiring university do with a football pitch that was only used on Wednesdays and as a short cut to the exit other than build a set of halls of residence? There'll soon be 560 students living in accommodation that will be "among the best in the country". When you've spent £30 million you might expect it to a bit classy. I'm disappointed that the stunning pale violet colour is to be covered up with boring cladding and the whole thing will eventually look like this. Dull, almost boring


  1. The purple would have stood out a whole lot more.

  2. I wonder who will live in those halls. The Uni of Hull attracts fewer and fewer students every year. Clem Halls were sold many years ago, Needler is said to become an ALDI, there have been talks about selling off The Lawns, etc. The uni is in debt and gets rid of older expensive members of staff, outsources services and closes down departments, but builds a hall for 30 million and a library with fewer books than before, for even more than 30 million.

    1. And you could add to that the £10 million for the Middleton Hall rebuild plus a Vice Chancellor who pockets over £320,000 per year.

    2. That's true. Totally forgot about that. No wonder they sack people and get in new, cheap staff who stay for a year or two and leave for better jobs.
      The summer school (teaching English to foreign students who want to study at Hull), once had more than 500 students and many, many tutors. Now it's less than half of it, and this summer only 21 tutors will be needed.
      It's the oversees students who bring in the big money, but the uni marketing fails completely. I'm still wondering who will move into the new halls.