Friday, 1 July 2016

Don't look down

So we're waiting on a bus on Spring Bank and Margot starts taking pictures of the trash that abounds in those parts. "What do you want to that for?" says I. "No reason," says herself "but I bet it ends up in your blog one day"  ... Hmmm

The uplifting theme for the start of July is 'Look Down'.


  1. Rubbish problems seem to get worse and worse everywhere.

  2. I've taken similar shots. I wish it weren't so common!

  3. A scene unfortunately seen around the world.

  4. I almost shared one I took of a pile of someone's belongings I saw when I looked into a canyon, but not enough detail appeared. So I shared a few different ones instead.

  5. Unfortunately a common sight these days Billy, thought provoking image for the theme.

  6. Thoughtful of you all to take the time to take photos to highlight these travesties- don't suppose anyone pulled their fingers out, organised, got a few black bags and actually cleared up the mess? Therein lies the real travesty

    1. Whatever you say steve b. But do look up the meaning of travesty next time you use it.