Monday, 8 August 2016

Wellington Street Bridge

This little swing bridge allows you to nip across the entrance to the marina without having to go over the dock gates. For some reason, probably economic, it is often closed (that is open for boats but closed for foot soldiers, you understand) but I guess with the thousands attending the Humber Street Sesh cacophothon on Saturday it was deemed safer to allows folk to cross this way. (But this photo shows I was wrong to think so; this event seals off public streets and charges people to exercise the freedom to pass along the highway. It is in plain words highway robbery! with noise!)
The bridge would have had rail tracks on it originally as part of the Humber Dock rail system

There, now you've seen it from both sides, aren't you lucky!.


  1. I like that cobblestone pattern.

    How many Wellington Streets there must be in the English speaking world...

    1. We have a Wellington Lane, as well, just for completeness.