Thursday, 1 December 2016

The end of November

It's not often people stop and gawp at the sky but yesterday's flaming sunset was quite a spectacle and had folks looking up in amazement. I stood by the river and watched the old Sol Invictus disappear behind Lincolnshire's pylons and, of course, I pointed my camera at it just like you're not supposed to (eyesight is overrated).

Today's first of the month theme for City Daily Photo is "Transitions".


  1. Wonderful image! But don't look at that sun next time.

  2. I'm afraid I also look at the sun too often when I'm taking pictures. I love the daily transition in the sky from day to night, and never get tired of seeing those gorgeous sunsets. The birds really enhance this shot.

  3. What a beautiful photo. I can almost hear it.