Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bang a gong, get it on

In a way the idea of turning this useless bridge to nowhere into a musical instrument makes as much sense as an unlamented 70's pop hit with pastiche hippy lyrics (Well you're dirty and sweet Clad in Black. Don't look back And I love you ... I guess you had to be there and I wasn't!) So it will come to pass that "tuned" metal plates will be attached and struck in the manner of Indonesian gamelan and folk will invited to whack the bridge with a hammer to make "music". To quote the idiot in charge of the asylum "By Playing the Bridge, participants and audiences will form a new relationship with and think differently about a city landmark. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn a new instrument and be part of an amazing City of Culture project." Nuff said!


  1. Oh boy. Somebody down at city hall had too much time on their hands.

  2. I was there. It wasn't the worst song of the era. The worst was "The Happening."

    I'm all for trying new ways to involve people in music, architecture and the arts. I don't know if banging on things is the ticket, but...let's just say it's not my area of expertise. Let us know how it goes.