Wednesday, 31 January 2018

2-4 Charlotte Street

As any fool will tell you this is not Charlotte Street but George Street and any fool would be right. But what you see now ain't how it always was. Before the new North Bridge was built Charlotte Street meandered down to the river and on to the old bridge. But road straightening and modernisation meant Charlotte Street lost about half its length which then became part of  George Street. It's all water under the many bridges of Hull now, but if you've ever wondered (as I'm sure you do daily) why there's a Charlotte Street Mews behind George Street well now you know.

Now from what I can gather with a modest amount of searching one of these building was the home of Dr John Alderson and the other was the former YPI, a charity connected with Thomas Ferens (he of the Art Gallery). All that counts for little as both buildings are now split into apartments.

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