Monday, 21 May 2018

Death Fetish

So here we have the latest alleged memorial to folk who died in unfortunate circumstances; this time it's death by bombs falling on their houses during the last European Civil War or WW2 as you may call it. It's an odd thing when all said and done and covered with the names of those who died over the years as Hull was just a dumping ground for bombers going home. There's a litany of woes behind all this and it's true that 95% of Hull houses were damaged in some way during the conflict and you can still see gaps in terraces that have not been filled in not to mention the cinema on Beverley Road that still awaits demolition. But the dead were buried seventy or more years ago and their graves are well known. So why now this desire to pick at old wounds, to 'honour' the dead? Who now, living, is benefiting from this visual abomination? Well this vile object was paid for by public subscription, organised by the Hull People's Memorial, an organisation devoted to reminding folk how people died in war and don't you ever dare to forget that Hull was bombed more than any other place than London or Malta; who claims that Hull's memory is fading this despite their being no fewer than 46 memorials listed on their website. And if we forget they would, no doubt,  cease to have a purpose in their lives. I choose to forget.


  1. I wouldn't say vile, but it looks like a giant tea infuser. Are those olive leaves at the top? At a first glance they look like the New Zealand fern symbol.

  2. It feels too abstract for its purpose.