Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Willow Pattern


Staying in Queen's Gardens for no other reason than that it is greening up nicely and the first summer visiting birds were singing madly  in the treetops despite the typically chilly (quasi nithering) April easterly breezes. 
I came across a plaque that either I'd never seen before or had completely forgotten that informs the stranger that this place was once a dock built on the outer limits of the town. In my defence I have to say this plaque is in a very silly place on a wall over a pond, almost as if it was not meant to be seen

The place looks fine from a distance but is actually falling to pieces and bits of it are now fenced off for safety. This is the inevitable and unsurprising result of the Council's lack of care and incompetent management ( I moaned about it two years ago here.)

Safety fencing on left of picture
But enough of moaning. Queen's Gardens is still a grand little park .


  1. In an ideal world the Council would wake up and smell the coffee.

  2. Well, there is the matter of £131m being cut from core funding since 2011.

    1. Yet still there's £250,000 available to spend on useless gates for the Guildhall! Plus £millions on consultations for mad cap schemes like the Cruiser Terminal etc. Priorities seem somewhat skewed with HCC.