Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Just don't drop it

What's this? Some kind of fair ground attraction at the back of Staples, a place well known for attractions of an all together different sort? No, not even close.
Back in April I mentioned that work had started on building a footbridge across Castle Street. Well in the past few days in this car park just a few yards down the road this has spring  up. Yes, it looks like the long awaited bridge just needs lifting up and putting in the right place and we should be good to trot. But quite how you lift a girt heavy and wide load like this and place it with pinpoint accuracy on its supports is thankfully not my concern. Let's just hope they don't drop it.

The Weekend in Black and White is here.


  1. That's standard procedure here with freeway bridge replacement. Build it alongside site and then move it into place.

  2. I like those shapes. Wouldn't want to be too close when they move it, though!

  3. Well, that makes an interesting image!

  4. A great object
    There was a master at work.
    Impressive also in S / W
    My contribution ...

  5. Looks good. Better than some others that I've seen.