Monday, 13 July 2020

The bloom of death

¡No te dejes morir lentamente!
¡No te impidas de ser feliz!

Last year we bought a couple of pots of House Leeks or Sempervivum as you may know them. I just  left them to do their thing didn't even pot them on; you can still see the price £3.99 ...  and so as the year slowly spun into summer a majestic phallic obscenity arose with these blooms on top. I can't (and don't) claim any credit for this, I'm very hands off and let things die of their own free will as I'm told they will after blooming, an orgy of monocarpic delight.

The weekend in black and white (like death and taxes) will be with us sooner or later here.


  1. Isn't it a real stroke of luck that without help, she has become such a wonderful bloom! Even if it is no longer afterwards! Nature is a real miracle!
    Have a happy weekend, Elke

  2. ...tipped with diamonds!

  3. these flowers are amazing, and the picture very beautiful

  4. How beautiful! You should claim to be an expert gardener - with this to show, there would be no unbelievers ;)