Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tiger tiger burning bright ....

A couple of years ago the local football club was promoted to the Premier League. Gosh what fun and games! It was the dawn of a new age. Hull was to be a "Top 10 City". Well, the reality was just a tad less exciting and now the club are no longer a Premier Club and Hull is , well, still Hull.

In the euphoria of the promotion the local bus company painted one of  its buses as you can see. The Tigers  reference is the clubs nickname, on account of the colour of their strips, not, unfortunately, the quality of their playing.


  1. Better keep that bus on the side, you never know, Hukk might climb up again.

  2. Did that tiger escape from a zoo?!

  3. the yellow contrasts beautifully with the other shades.
    - Mindless Mumbai