Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Beverley Minster: compare and contrast

It's not often you get the chance to compare and contrast with these Daily City Photo blogs. Today you can compare the West Wing of Beverley Minster with the fine West Wing of York Minster.
York and Beverley have an ancient history of mercantile competition; the merchants of York eventually set up a small trading post at mouth of the river Hull just to stymie Beverley's trade. That eventually became a bigger place than either York or Beverley. Today York is a World Heritage site and Beverley has a by-pass.


  1. Nice shot, beatiful church and very good explanation.


  2. Thanks for visiting York Minster! This one of Beverley Minster is wonderful, and the explanation interesting with a nice dry conclusion. Our connections with Hull are just about to be severed due to a family move, so no more lunches at the Zoo on Newland Avenue.