Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday, go to church

Here I present the beauty that is St Mary the Virgin,Cottingham.
Picture postcard perfect.
It's been here since the early 13th century; that's before France had borders, Germany was a country and well before the USA was a stain on humanity.
It's main problems are caused by the insistence of English Heritage that the roof be made of lead. This has led to many thefts of lead from the roof; and damage to the the fabric of the building. If a suitable replacement were allowed the church would be saved many thousands of pounds in restoration costs.


  1. Can't some one come up with some fake lead?

  2. I agree. Just do it, as someone once said.

  3. Thanks Mo, Gerald & Bob.

    Gary Gilmore, executed by firing squad, famously said "Lets do it"; now he would have appreciated some fake lead!