Friday, 5 November 2010

Empty plot

I have criticised in previous postings the policy of "Build it and they'll come" that seems to govern Hull's planning for the future. Well, I think for once they might be on a winner with this scheme. It's the new Priory Road Cemetery; a sure fire success unless we all achieve immortality.
This brand new plot is actually just outside Hull in Cottingham and caused a furore when it was proposed. There were all sorts of planning enquiries and appeals and a great deal of public money wasted. Seems all Hull's boneyards are full and they needed to spill out here. After nearly four years of digging and draining the new graveyard opened earlier this year.
It's a strange to wander through a cemetery without graves, usually there are headstones and memorials and so on and a feeling that you're in the presence of death. This is like a new housing estate, it doesn't have that "lived in" feeling if that makes any sense.

 Being an up-to-date place you get a choice of how you spend eternity: in the straight terraces (as above) or in decadent Nature with a woodland burial or perhaps a Muslim burial is your choice or any which way you choose. The only condition is your demise, it seems a small price to pay for a spot in this new necropolis.

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  1. Very cheeky of the Council, I feel, to annexe a corner of a foreign field & then ban Cottingham citizens from interment therein...