Monday, 1 November 2010

Hull Train

Here's Bridlington Station in all its glory. It says platforms 5/6 for the Hull train but there are only three platforms. Nowadays the trains are just two carriage push-me-pull-you affairs and look quite small on the platform designed to take ten or more carriages.
I can't show you Bridlington Station without also showing the Buffet Bar, which regularly wins prizes for its floral displays. It's one of the last few remaining buffets which used to be on every station providing refreshments. It even has its own website.

This month's Theme day topic is  Public Transportation.
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  1. Really like the B&W with the curvilinear seats surrounded by all the rectilinear framework.

  2. Great Theme Day post--I'm so glad you put both photos! Mine is up at Portland Oregon Daily Photo; it’s a photo that I took on the MAX Light Rail last Saturday.