Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bring on the naked ladies ...

I've mentioned the lengths to which Beverley has gone to attract visitors with its ancient crafts and guilds trail; well here's yet another trail. Sadly not a trail of unclad ladies but of paintings by a local artist Frederick Elwell (who?). Dotted around the town are many reproductions of his work and those of his sister and for those who are interested (and there must be some, surely?) you get to walk around and cross them off your list. Here's another to whet your appetite or put you off completely.


  1. I like Beverley, though not been there in a while. Must say I do like his paintings, I like my pictures to look like what they are meant to be. Oddly he is not known by Wikipedia.

  2. Creative way to show some interesting and nice photographs!
    They would not have been outside buildings for long here.
    Not thinking only about people who would steal them, but more about all the RAIN .....

    Nice posting!:)

    Gunn / Stavanger / Norway

  3. Great idea for a walk. I like the Seated Nude in the Studio painting.