Friday, 18 November 2011

The Drayman

When I first came to Hull 30 years ago most of the local pubs were supplied by the Hull Brewery Company and I recall that the beers so supplied were of the highest quality; I should know I supped enough of it. However it seems that others did not share my tastes and sales gradually dropped off (despite my best efforts). The brewery was sold and then in 1985 the sad and  fateful day arrived when the brewing stopped and the poor souls of Hull had to drink beer from Mansfield! 
But what to do with the old brewery itself? It stood empty for a while but in the early 90s they converted the place into offices and renamed it 'The Maltings' . This sculpture by Kevin Storch and is called 'The Drayman' and stands in the courtyard of the old brewery. It's cast in bronze and I think it's meant to be a fountain but it was turned off when I was there.