Sunday, 18 December 2011

The Emigrants

This statue on the waterfront near Humber Dock commemorates the more than two million European emigrants who passed through Hull on their way to America in the 19th century until the outbreak of war in 1914. That's a lot of people moving themselves out of Europe and into America; I wonder if America would be so welcoming to another flood if times get tough in Europe. 
If you're a Liverpudlian and you think this looks familiar that's because there's an identical copy at the Albert Dock, Liverpool. The sculpture is by Neil Hadlock, Mark DeGraffenried and Taylor Hadlock from Utah and was donated by a Mormon led foundation in 2001, here's a link to more on this.


  1. I always find these sculptures of immigrants about to venture into a new life quite heart wrenching, can only imagine what it must have felt like going off into the unknown.. I suppose another way to look at it would be as an exciting new beginning. Nicely shot Billy.