Monday, 19 December 2011

Side Elevation

Here is 'One Humber Quays'; an office block built with taxpayers' money as part of a £17 million pound development in 2006. It stood half empty for five years whilst it housed a branch of the World Trade Centre. Earlier this year the WTC decamped to smaller premises. Under the new government's policy of dismantling anything and everything the old government did the place was sold, in what can only be called a depressed market, for considerably less than cost. This is what happens when you have a 'build it and they'll come' approach to redevelopment; you build it and they come and they take it for a song. It goes without saying that no politician or official was hurt during the making of this flim flam.

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  1. Nicely taken shot. I like your point of view on this particular subject. I reckon every town and city in UK has this problem. I love new architecture, but it has to be built to requirement, not just to a hopeful ideal. Local government grandiose thinking all based on money passed under the table.