Sunday, 24 June 2012



What to do on yet another rainy day? Why not visit the Streetlife Transport Museum? I've shown you the outside but until Friday I'd never been in the place. What can I say? It's the sort of place that has immaculately presented exhibits of carriages and modes of transport with re-enactments of street scenes from days gone by. It's all very well done but, maybe it's just me, it felt a little dull and dated. As a child, fifty years or more ago, I saw more or less the same sort of exhibition in York's museum. However the museum has been named the city's best attraction on the travel website so I'm probably just out of kilter with the rest of the world. Still if old buses and carriages are your thing you'll find lots to look at here. And one more thing, it's all free.

Don't quite know what a bi-plane has to do with street life, I guess they had to hang it somewhere.

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