Monday, 2 July 2012

Mount Pleasant Retail Park

Something about the name Mount Pleasant conjures  up a vision of a gentle incline with trees and a bucolic ambience. In Hull, however, Mount Pleasant is a nasty cut through connecting the infamously horrible Hedon Road with the equally nasty Stoneferry. It is neither a mount nor pleasant. At the point where it crosses Holderness Road this architectural monstrosity has sprung up. As it is served by two main roads there's a large car park and it's almost always busy. These stores should be contrasted with the old shops I posted the other day which are just on the other side of Holderness Road and due to be replaced with the twin of this place.

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  1. Think what was there before it. A rundown branch railway station surrounded by slum houses from Waller Street to Ripon Street which were built in the mid-18C. On the north side of the road were Courtney Street and Beeton Street which were exactly the same. It is called progress. I am a local historian who has campaigned for the retention of old buildings, if they were worth saving. These streets were not worth saving.