Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ye Olde Tat Shop

Tucked away on Alexandra Road is this second hand/junk shop. It sells just what it says on the sign. These places have an undeserved reputation for selling stolen goods. I was there once when a couple of likely lads tried to off-load bikes that were clearly out of their pay league shall we say. The owner mentioned he'd had the police round just the day before and demanded identification from this pair which, of course, they couldn't provide, that is until the least bright of the pair offered his prison release form as ID. I don't think they made a deal somehow. 


  1. *guffaw* ... duh!

    We don't use that meaning for 'tat' over here very much. I thought, from the FB thumbnail, that you were going to show a tatoo parlor.

  2. Funny story! Yes, we also use "tat" for tattoo. I like yours better.

    English is funny, isn't it? When I landed in England I felt like I didn't speak the language. I'm sure I'd feel the same in Australia, Julie.