Monday, 6 August 2012

Nature's Playground

In a bid to interest the youth of Hull in nature the Council built a small nature playground in a local park. It has logs that you can play on or crawl through and fake toadstools that you can do, well, whatever you do on a toadstool and this charming piece of welding. I guess it represents some kind of creepy crawly and is meant to appeal to the younger mindset. Well I have to say when went past the other day the nature playground was empty and the unnatural playground with skateboarding facilities and swings and good old fashioned tyres on ropes was full of happy screaming brats with not a care for nature or her ways. Epic fail, I believe is the current term for this ...


  1. I think this artwork is a success, very much so. A very interesting piece.

  2. i believe those sculptures are actually instruments. something i didnt realise until i saw some kids actually start playing them. and i thought my eyes were open! :P

    1. That would explain those little hammers. It makes more sense now, thanks.