Wednesday, 1 August 2012

So many numbers

Here's a welding shop on Clough Road and a fine collection of plates presumably from vehicles that didn't make it out of surgery.

This month's City Daily Photo theme is numbers. You can see what numbers others have added  at the Facebook page or here.


  1. Wow,-what a great find for todays theme-day image!!
    When I am in the UK, I always try to read the number plates on cars.
    Some have some funny combinations with letters numbers and words.

  2. haha "that didn't make it out of surgery"! i like this one a lot, very cool!

  3. Wonderful mean to measure time and life indeed.

    Please have a good new month ahead.

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  4. Such a great collection of numbers.

  5. A very interesting post. I like your choice for this theme day. Thanks for sharing with us all.