Friday, 7 September 2012

Dull and uninspiring

Hull folk of a certain age will know this as the Spencer Arms on Spencer Street. It had a  reputation as being not salubrious shall we say. After failing and reopening several times it ended up as Circus-Circus. The B.O.G.O.F (buy one get one free) notices on the door attest to a desperation to attract customers, effectively they pay you to enter! It did no good because whatever it was called and whatever offers made now it's shut permanently and even the plumbing has been taken out. 
The site was planned to be redeveloped as offices but in a move that was not lacking in irony the Planning Committee turned the plans down because they were too dull and uninspiring. Silly developers clearly didn't know that 'dull and uninspiring' can become 'exciting and futuristic' by the payment of a fee to the right person. (You didn't hear that from me).

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