Saturday, 1 September 2012

I came across a wedding

All lined up in a wedding group
 'Ere we are for a photograph 
We're all dressed up in a morning suit 
All trying hard not to laugh ...

I took this a while ago and never had a chance to use it until  the monthly theme for  City Daily Photo landed on 'people watching'. The bride looks a picture if a tad worried and the groom ... well, where is the groom? Maybe's he's done a runner.

You can find other 'people watchings ' here. If you use Facebook then you can find links on the group page here.


  1. When you mentioned Groom, I stopped reading and had to look back at the photo, as I didn't see no Groom.. Ahh you are correct no groom to be seen..

  2. Drats! No flower boxes ... but a nice splash of what might be geraniums in the lower right!

    The groom had already down a runner down to the pub on the corner!

    1. How do you know about the pub on the corner?

  3. They look busy, and now that you mentioned it, they looked like they were looking or waiting for someone!

  4. Interesting choice for the theme day. It seems that the day was rather windy.

  5. This photo could definitely spawn a lot of different stories - no groom!