Friday, 23 November 2012

The old horse wash

This ramp down to the Humber was used to wash horses. Now you can see how rich and brown the Humber is so I wonder just how clean the horses were after their ablutions but maybe the idea was just to cool them off after their hard labour. I found an old image of the 'oss wash (as the natives call it) in action here. Seems to have been a fair number of gawpers in those days before daytime TV.


  1. Well, let's just trot over to William's blog and see what he's got today. I might make a comment, might not. What's that? A horse wash? That's interesting, I've never seen a horse wash. And a nice old B&W to show how it worked.

    Even so, I might have skipped the comment but you used the word "ablutions" and it's one of my favorites.

  2. Is 'rich and brown' a euphemism for 'full of sh*t'? Just wondering. I like 'ablutions' too, it has to be said. Like the blog - just discovering it, will be back!