Friday, 16 November 2012

Voter apathy

Yesterday (Thursday) we had elections for police and crime commissioners. These individuals are to replace the established and functioning local police authorities. Despite it being the first election of its type enthusiasm for this vote is lower than low, estimates of a 10-15% turnout have been made. Due to very poor publicity no-one seems to know who is standing or what qualities are needed for the job. As one of the candidates was John Prescott a former Labour MP,  cabinet minister indeed deputy prime minister no less I went along just to vote against him. The choice of a church for a polling station was apt since God only knows what's going to happen with this vote.


  1. great last line! visiting from your interview at the portal, super!

  2. Didn't know you had an interview at the portal, so I must go check that out.

    We generally have good turnouts for presidential elections, but the interim elections for things like local office, school board, etc. are pretty dismal.

    1. Turnout varied across region from 15-20%. Lowest ever. Still Prescott didn't get in so not all bad.