Friday, 26 July 2013

Capital P

At the corner of Princes Avenue and Spring Bank the newly painted and recently relaunched Pearsons pub is all that it appears to be. A late 1990's attempt at the 1870's Victorian look that fails miserably; so that what was an attempt to blend in becomes quite an eyesore. Better to have built something modern than this throwback. The pub originally opened as the Old Zoological which was also a bit cheeky considering the original Zoological built in about 1840/50 (and a right old dive if ever there was one) was demolished several years before this newcomer.

The Weekend in Black and White begins here.


  1. Nice in B&W, great building!

  2. Interesting post, and a great B&W shot!

  3. Where there are so many originals, why build a fake?!

  4. There's no real need for a copy - though I like the style better than many modern concrete lumps.