Tuesday, 23 July 2013

There is no grass on Terry Street

Here's the Aldi store on Terry Street. It opened in the mid 1990's, I used to live in a flat directly behind it. In contrast to the Jackson's store I posted the other day this lacks any fine ornamentation, it's just a very large brick shed. What it lacks in finery though it massively gains in the vast array of goods on sale, far more than Jackson's almost pokey little shop could possibly hope to offer and cheaper too. Living on a tight budget I think I can do without the marble and the mosaic and, any way, I no longer have to look at this shop every day.

If the title has got you wondering if I've gone a bit mad in all this heat it's from A Removal from Terry Street by Douglas Dunn. The line always used to make me laugh because, when I first moved to Hull, this site used to be a large grassy area, indeed there was little but grass on Terry Street in those days after demolition and before the rebuild. 

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