Saturday, 1 November 2014

A conspiracy of traffic lights

Today's theme for City Daily Photo is 'Landmark'. So here's my offering, no, not the overly large religious building in the background that has been there so long it's at the top of this blog. Nor yet the dim outline of King Billy riding off down Market Place. No, today's landmark is this collection of traffic lights which you must admit is pretty impressive (I make it 18 or more in this view). It has been noted somewhere, possibly apocryphally,  that it is possible to drive by motorway from Liverpool to Lublin without meeting a single traffic light (but do watch out for the ferry) except when passing through this slow-you-down-and-stop-now-start town of Hull. These lights, of course, are installed, at strategic points along the road, so that motorists can admire the more obvious landmarks that you see here...

I must confess that I looked for a collective noun for traffic lights, as you do, and found the title of this post in this really obscure link.


  1. That's an interesting reason to place the traffic lights, but it makes sense!

  2. As I drove eastwards in my yellow bubble car - bound for a philatelic conference in Lublin, I came across an illumination of traffic lights in the very heart of Kingston upon Hull. I was suddenly filled with glee.

  3. woah! that sure is a lot of traffic lights

  4. *giggles*
    I imagine a circle of dunces sitting at a round table, conspiring to slow down the citizenry.

    Thank you for the link, impressive list of collective nouns! I could not help myself and look for the German translation: Verkehrsampelverschwörung. ;-)

    1. Must try and drop that into conversation one day ....

  5. I must admit an interesting choice for 'landmark' today.

  6. Great collection for today's theme! It's the sort of thing only a traffic engineer would dream of...and certainly slows down us common folk to stop and take in the sights, voluntarily or not.

  7. Conspiracy is a perfect word, me thinks.
    Thanks for the visit. MB

  8. Next traffic light I see will remind me of your post...wonderful!