Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dog's Head

The faithful dog - why should I strive 
To speak his merits, while they live 
In every breast, and man's best friend 
Does often at his heels attend.
The New-York Literary Journal, Volume 4, 1821

This piece of doggerel (well pardon me) is, as far as I can find, the first reference to "man's best friend" in print. The local rag has it that the East Riding, and Hull in particular, has one of the highest rates of animal cruelty in the country, but then it was quoting the RSPCA, an organisation that is, perhaps, more of a money raising engine than an animal welfare organisation. This old hound was left to wait its master return from the supermarket and, if you'll allow a little anthropomorphic fancy on this Saturday morning, appears to be regretting its choice of 'friend'.

There will, I suppose, never be a better opportunity  to post this little song by Alex Glasgow.

The weekend in black and white is waiting here.


  1. He looks rather despondent poor thing. I love those ears! You caught him well.

  2. A great contribution!
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  3. One wonders if he's hoping for a treat.

  4. Wonderful photo of this dog! Very well captured!